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Cookin' With G.
JD and G.

Cookin' With G. is the new cooking special featuring G. Love and his buddy JD.  It comes as a CD-ROM component to Yeah, It's That Easy.  It was originally a TV special, and can be ordered on video.

If you don't have the CD-ROM or the video, I'm not gonna tell you a lot about it, because I don't want to ruin it for you!  Suffice it to say that he teaches you how to make a yummy-looking pasta dish with sauce, and sausages one the grill.  Here are a few images from the CD-ROM.

Around town shopping for the food.

"Take a little taste right now."

In the kitchen.

In the kitchen again.

Teaching us novices.

What a cute smile!

JD and G.

"I don't cook by the clock --
I cook by the touch and feel."

The finished dish -- yum!


Included in the CD-ROM was a little commercial:

"Thanks to modern technology,
both my records can be reached on the Internet."

You can order the 30-minute, fully-edited version of the video by sending $20 plus shipping and handling ($3.50 domestic, $5.50 international) in check or money order to:
G. Love -- Cookin' Video
c/o Major Music
PO Box 585
Midtown Station
NY NY  10018

Specify NTSC (US & Japan) or PAL (Europe) videotape.

Have a blast cookin' up a storm with G.!!

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