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This page is for misc. notes on the band, updates, contact information, etc., etc., etc. .... If you've got any information that would be useful to this page and that you wouldn't mind sharing, please e-mail me.

Mailing Lists

There are a bunch of mailing lists associated with G. Love and Special Sauce.  They are:

Official Mailing List
G.Love.Net's List

Fan Club, Tour Dates, and Merchandise

G. Love and Special Sauce
Box 585
Midtown NY  10018
or call the G. Loveline:  215.925.8412

Yeah, It's That Easy
The band's new CD, Yeah, It's That Easy, was released on Tuesday, 28 October 1997.  It is their first majour released in over two years, and includes not just the Special Sauce, but other bands G. Love has been with in the past -- The Philly Cartel, The King's Court, and The All Fellas Band.  The CD also doubles as a CD-ROM, "Cooking With G."

The Man

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