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G. Love and Special Sauce

G. Love and Special Sauce was the band's first official CD.  It was released in 1994.  The majour hit off this CD was "Cold Beverage".  This was the song that really began their career.  My favourite song on this CD is "This Ain't Livin'".  The tracks of this CD are (click on the link for lyrics, and on the speaker for a sound clip [if you have any more sound clips from this CD, please e-mail me]):

1.  speaker  The Thing That I Used To Do
2.  Blues Music
3.  Garbage Man
4.  Eyes Have Miles
5.  speaker  Baby's Got Sauce
6.  Rhyme for the Summertime
7.  speaker  Cold Beverage
8.  Fatman
9.  speaker  This Ain't Livin'
10.  Walk to Slide
11.  Shooting Hoops
12.  Some Peoples Like That
13.  Town to Town
14.  I Love You

Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica:  G. Love
Drum Kit, Percussion, and Background Vocals:  Jeffrey Clemens "The Houseman
String Bass:  The Marshmallow Man Jimmy Jass Prescott
Additional Lead Vocal:  Jasper
Piano: Scott Storch
Produced by:  Stiff Johnson and Special Sauce
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by:  Stiff Johnson at Studio 4, Philadelphia
Assistant Engineer:  Dianne "Ladi Di" Zaiko
Additional Mixing:  Phil Nicolo and Lady Di
Mastered by:  Vlado Meller at Sony Music Studios, NYC
Photography:  Karim Ek
P's:  H-Man, Ron, and Paul Jarosik
A&R:  Michael Caplan
Management:  Jonathan Block/Majour Music, NYC

All songs written by G. Love except "Baby's Got Sauce" written by G. Love and Houseman, "This Ain't Livin'" written by G. Love and Jasper.
(c) Chicken Platters (BMI)

Thank you and peace to all our brothers and sisters.

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