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Giving Thanks

I would like to thank God for the many blessings we recieve.  My Mother and Father for your love and support.  My sister Jaime, I love you.  My best friend Katie.  All of my relatives from Mimi and Grandpa on down.  From Mere Stradley and Dan Murphy on down.  All the musicians I've been graced to perform, record, and get down with.  All of our fans around the world for you love -- see you soon.
From the beginning because this is long overdue.  Settlement music school and my Mom for pushing me to practice guitar.  My teachers Heidi Wolf, Christian Raphael, Waco Smith.  My teachers John Hammond, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley.  My fellow pupils Jasper and The Prodigal Suns, First Born, Kelly Bell, The All Fellas Band.  Jonny Valentine you've helped me more than you'll know, Katman your gift is deep as your music, crazy as you and I believe too, Robbie Lamb -- twice blessed is hope unlooked for.  Jason Brown we've shared the best, you gave me my first song.  Yo Earl tell the part people the deal, my oldest friend Brendan Earl Pelicans.  Anyone that gave me a break, anyone that cut me no slack.  Jack Joyfuls, MCI -- DJ Scream, Peppermint Patty, Davey Mc, Buddy, Soda Pop, Brandy, Pugs, F-KU surf team, Uncle Craig, Nancy Joy, Emo Peace, Jimmy Jazz Prescott is on the Bass, Nick the Frenchman, Jeremy Dyen, Hidin' Earl Vans club group bands, Jon Doe, Mike D, Nicki J., Terenji, Kieth Anderson and Lincoln Palmer, Ron and Rush, A.E. Terry, Nigel T., Jenny C. who said she knew I'd make it.  Jim Dickenson, Uncle Bob and the Bobs featuring Cousin Rob, Chicken Platters, John Meneilly, my lawyer Matt Greenberg, my manager Jonny Jams, thanks for keeping me from the sharks and pushing me to highger levels.  Michael Caplan for giving me a chance to live my dream.  Paul Jarosik.  Richie DeBraccio, thanks for taking care of me on the road.  Nathan Solod for keeping me on the road and for your stage, Rockin' Jake, Bill "King" Kane and family, Washtub Robbie, Mike Tyler, Chuck Treece, The Goats, Dave Champagne, Dr. John, Jasper, Colleen, Yusef, the baby and Isaac.  Your family is an inspiration and your guidance is everlasting.  Tom Demille my first producer, Dave Johnson for discovering me and bringing me back home to Philly.  Jeff Clemens my partner through thick and thin.  He is the Houseman, and Thunderhouse.  Keither Keller -- now let's go fishing.  All the people at Sonic Studios, Mike Guy, Pete, Chris and Barb, see you in the neighborhood, Penntreaty Park, Aikikai of Philly, Nigel at Bill Graham, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Blues Traveler, Litta Liza see you at HeadHouse Square, Fun Lovin' Criminals, streets of Philly, the Dart, Aunt Eloise, Doodie and Maryanne, the Nova, Claudia and Kate, again, Bob Lawton for running me from Coast to Coast to Coast, Schoolz of Thought, Jing San for Tai Chi -- The Energy, Mick Griffiths and Asgard, D'Addario Strings.  All the people at OKeh/Epic/Sony who really stood with me:  Vivian, Olga, Nadine, Patrick in Philly, Andy Schwartz, Richard Griffiths, John Doelp, Vince Bannon, Polly Anthony, Doug Erb, Jock, Harvey, Gary Kelly, Mike Martinovich, Heather Davis, Adrian Williams -- Thank You All.  Va Va Voom Erinie Oum in Paris, Yoshi, Druid, Karim Ek.  Brothers of the same mind.  Thank you all.  That's all I know and I don't know nothing but what I know -- all the Philly fellas living life as a profession.  To the lessons I've learned the best feeling is truth and the highest high is peace of mine.  Music is love, luck, sun, moon and stars.  It's not tragic words that have magic and power.  I shall always pray.

Peace and love.  G. Love

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