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This record is dedicated in loving memory of my grandmother Mere.

Yeah, It's That Easy

Yeah, It's That Easy is the band's new CD.  It was released on Tuesday, 28 October 1997.  And let me tell you, it's slammin'!!  The first single off this CD is "Stepping Stones"; my two favourites (so far) are "Recipe" and "Slipped Away".  This CD also doubled as a CD-ROM, "Cookin' With G.".  The tracks of this CD are (click on the link for lyrics, and on the speaker for a sound clip [if you have any more sound clips from this CD, please e-mail me]):

1.    Stepping Stones
2.    I-76
3.    Lay Down The Law
4.    Slipped Away (The Ballad of Lauretha Vaird)
5.    You Shall See
6.    Take You There
7.    Willow Tree
8.    Yeah, It's That Easy
9.    Recipe
10.    200 Years
11.    Making Amends
12.    Pull the Wool
13.    When We Meet Again

G. Love accompanying himself on guitar and harmonica and vocals.
Special Sauce is:

Jeff Clemens "The Houseman" ~ drums, vocal
Jimmy Jazz Prescott ~ acoustic bass
Hammond Organ:  Dr. John
Bass:  King Kane, Katman
Drums:  Jonny V., Chuck Treece
Lead Vocals:  Katman, Smiles
Back Vocals:  BroDeeba, Mary Harris, All Fellas Band, King Kane, Houseman, Mike Tyler, G. Love
Piano:  Dr. John, Jay Davidson, Mike Richelle
Lead Guitar:  Mike Tyler, G. Love
Percussion:  Jeff Clemens, All Fellas Band
Vocal Percussion:  Scratch, Katman

Mixing:  Guy Lutz, Stiff Johnson, Tim Latham, ISP, G. Love, Jonny Jams
Engineers:  Guy Lutz, Chris DiBeneditto, Barb Adams, Stiff Johnson, Ted Greenburg, Jay Davidson, Chris Zurzolo, Tetsuya Morioka, Motonori Sasaki
Management:  Jonathan Black, Majour Music
A&R:  Michael Caplan
Art Direction:  Doug Erb
Graffiti:  Tom Lamb
Photography:  Front cover by Mikio Ariga
Interior photos:  Kazuya Morishima, Rodd Radinsky, Geoff Verne, Al Wachlin
Studios:  Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio, Sonic Studios, Big Zone Recording, Song Japan, Tongue and Groovy

G. Love and Stiff Johnson produced "Stepping Stones", "Slipped Away", "You Shall See", "Take You There", "Willow Tree", "Pull the Wool", and "When We Meet Again".
The All Fellas Band produced "I-76", "Lay Down The Law", "and "200 Years".
G. Love produced "Yeah, It's That Easy" and "Recipe".
G. Love and Jonny Jams produced "Making Amends".


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