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In the first scene, Anna is drawing the infamous house.

After getting kicked out of class, Anna patiently waits.

After the teacher refuses to let Anna back into the classroom -- "But it's my birthday" -- she passes out.

The first time Anna comes upon the house of her dreams (literally) ....

Waiting for her mother in the nurse's office.

Anna's mother picks her up from school. "It's all right, it was good to get out of work."

After skipping the rest of the day, Anna and her friend Karen put on make-up and play hide-and-seek near the train tracks.

Anna thinks of where to hide from Karen.

After falling down and passing out underneath the bridge, Anna wakes up for the second time in the field.

Trying to get inside, she realizes the door is locked.

She calls up into the house -- "Karen!" -- but is disappointed that she is alone.

Working on her drawing, she decides to add a boy in the window.

Talking to her doctor, Sarah.

After the dream which convinced her that her drawing was real, she spends the entire night -- until dawn -- drawing.

She meets the boy in the window -- Marc, who is unable to walk -- for the first time.

She is about to tell Marc her name, but wakes up before she can.

"I tried to draw you walking, but it didn't come out right." Apparently! :)

Marc's playing with all the things that Anna drew him. She tries to explain this to him -- "I don't get you."

She sits outside with fruit from a tree which she drew while talking to Marc -- up at the window.

"I could have broken my arm. You're so stupid."

She draws some more.

She accidentally falls asleep in the bathroom, dreams horribly of her father, and almost drowns.

Peeking around a corner, she looks for her mother.

Realizing that she's hurt Marc by throwing away her drawing, she ransacks her room for it.

She looks out the window, and sees that the dump truck is picking up all the trash.

She watches the dump trucks leaving in dispair.

Getting sicker and sicker, she ascends higher and higher in her dream.

Sleeping, she rips out the evil father that has invaded her dream.

In the hospital, she tries to explain what has happened.

Drawing in the hospital.

Sitting with Marc.

"Is that snogging?"

Awwww ....

Looking out over the cliff near the lighthouse.

"Well, I never get to see you draw, do I?"

On a family trip, Anna looks out the window.

She spots the lighthouse which she drew in her dream -- which has finally become reality!

She knocks and knocks ....

.... but realizes that Marc has already left.

She reads the note from him. "The helicopter was hurrying all day .... I'll come back for you."

She looks out over the cliff, waiting for Marc.

The helicopter has come, but, "I can't reach!"

"Move away from the edge, Anna!"

"It's dangerous!"

No, I am not going to tell you how it ends! ;)