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40 oz to Freedom (1992, Skunk; sold over 150,000, with the first 30,000 "being sold directly from the truck of the band members' cars," according to their release)
Sidenote: The record company eliminated "Get Out!" and "Rawhide" on later copies (the former was removed because of its over-reliance on sample).

Robbin' The Hood (1994, Skunk)

Sidenote: It was recorded on a "shoe-string" budget on 4-tracks in several living rooms and abandoned houses around Long Beach. One track, "Saw Red", has a cameo by No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.

sublime (July 1996, Gasoline Alley/MCA)

Sidenote: This major-label debut boasts the talents of producers Paul Leary from Butthole Surfers (also responsible for Meat Puppets and Ween) and David Kahne (who's done work for Fishbone and Soul Coughing).

Misfits of Ska (1994, Dill) features an early demo, "Romeo"
Hempilation (1995, Capricorn) features their remake of Peter Tosh's "Legalize It"
Mallrats (1995, MCA) features "Smoke Two Joints"
Punk Rock Jukebox (1995, Blackout) features "New Thrash"
Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (1995, MCA) features their remake of "Hong Kong Phooey"
Fox Hunt (1996, Rhino) features "All You Need"
MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean (1996, Surf Dog Records/Interscope) features "Badfish"
Step On It (independent) features an on-air live take of "Date Rape"

"Work That We Do", 1994
"Date Rape", earned airplay in 1995
"All You Need", 1996, 7"
"What I Got"

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