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It all started in Long Beach, CA. Three friends, all talented musicians, formed a group, SUBLIME. Their debut album, 40 oz to Freedom, released by Skunk Records, became an indie cult classic with the song, "Date Rape". Their second album, Robbin' The Hood, although not as popular, was still a great album for Sublime fans.


Gasoline Alley/MCA Records picked up Sublime in early 1996, and they recorded their final album, sublime. It was by far their best, combining all kinds of music, from punk to ska, reggae to alternative. Before it was released, however, the lead singer, Brad Nowell, died in a San Franciso hotel room on 25 May 1996. The cause: heroin overdose.


Brad's death shocked the music world, and their final album was released and became a hit, not only to the indie cult world, but to all. Brad leaves behind much, his music, his band members Eric and Bud, his beloved dalmation Louie, his wife Troy (whom he married a week before his death), and his 11-month old son Jakob.

Jakob James Nowell Scholarship Fund
275 Redondo Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90803

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