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The Midnight Snack ~  Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

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Hi!!!!  And welcome to The Midnight Snack, my very own Tom and Jerry web site.  Here you will find information, pictures, a complete film guide, sounds, biographies, characters, and much more regarding to the best cartoon in the world:
Tom and Jerry!

I would appreciate any additions, comments, questions, suggestions, etc. you have on this page, so please e-mail me at or contact me via ICQ at 5111831.

  • Before Tom and Jerry ~ a brief history of MGM
  • William Hanna and Joseph Barbera ~ biographies of the creators of Tom and Jerry, and the story of their departure
  • Images ~ screen captures of the delible duo
  • Other Characters
  • The Black Maid
  • The Duckling
  • Nibbles
  • Spike and Tyke
  • Complete Film Guide ~ separated by period and year
  • First Period
  • Second Period
  • Third Period
  • Oscars ~ all the nominations and Oscars that Tom and Jerry got
  • Links ~ other Tom and Jerry pages on the web, plus links to purchase stuff
  • Guestbook ~ View or sign it.

    Tom & Jerry!

    Many people have been here! :)

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