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Cerulean Blue

Pusher:  Hey, you know, Deputy, I just gotta say that your uniform is really the most soothing shade of blue.  I'm not kidding you, I notice those things.  It's a sky blue.  Very calming .... very tranquil.  I think the word for that particular shade is cerulean, actually.  Cerulean blue.
Frank Burst:  Okay, okay, we get it; it's a nice shade of blue.
Pusher:  Cerulean blue. Cerulean makes me think of a breeze.  A gentle breeze.
Frank Burst:  Hey!  Mr. Blackwell!  Put a sock in it!
Pusher:  Cerulean is a gentle breeze .... cerulean .... a gentle breeze ....

One of the most famous Pusher-isms.  In the episode of "The X-Files" "Pusher" (23 Feb 96), Rob Wisden played Robert Modell, who called himself Pusher due to his ability to talk people into doing thing, to push his will onto others.

In that particular scene, he was in the back of a police car, with the deputy driving and FBI Agent Frank Burst in the passenger seat.  They had just arrested him at a supermarket.  They were at an intersection, about to take a left, and Modell saw a blue truck approaching.  Then he gave his speech.  Right after that, in the deputy's mind, the truck wasn't there.  He pulled in front of it.  Before he died, he set Pusher free, who managed to escape on foot.  Frank Burst just had a facial injury.

Looking through the slides, they (Mulder, Scully, Burst) noticed that the name of the company on the side of the truck was "Cerulean Hauling".  Pusher had seen it before the others had and convinced the deputy that cerulean (the truck) was a gentle breeze (not a truck!), thus his driving in front of it.

I myself also found it pretty groovy that both Modell's and the deputy's eyes could be described as cerulean blue ....

ce~ru~le~an:  resembling the blue of the sky

In the second episode he was in, the sequel to Pusher, "Kitsunegari" (4 Jan 98), cerulean blue came up again.  This time, in paint.  The prosecuter of Modell's case, Nathan Bowman, was found in cerulean blue paint, both covered and filled with it.  Mulder and Scully assumed it was Pusher because he liked to leave "little clues", but it really wasn't; it was really someone just "finishing what he had started" ....

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