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Welcome to the one, the only, The ROBERT WISDEN Web Site.  He is a talented character actor who has appeared in such movies as Legends of the Fall, Excess Baggage, Look Who's Talking Now, and The Ranger, the Cook, and a Holy in the Sky, and such TV shows as "The X-Files", "Millennium", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", and "Kung Fu:  The Legend Continues".  He is one of those actors of who you know the face, but usually not the name.  This page is to put an end to that for one such actor.

Lately, he is most known for his two guest appearances on "The X-Files" -- on season three's "Pusher" (23 Feb 96) and season five's "Kitsunegari" (4 Jan 98).  Both of these performances are the main scope of this page (until I get more information, that is).

Speaking of which, if you have any other information, pictures, etc. of Rob Wisden, and/or can duplicate a performance of his on video tape that I may not have, please e-mail me at!  Also e-mail that address comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

As Sims in Excess Baggage

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