Other Writings

Anne Frank greatly enjoyed writing, and didn't limit herself to her diary.  Below are a few of her other writings, typed by me.  These are ones that I like the best, or I thought best showed Anne's style.  Courtesy of Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex (see books).

Fables and Short Stories

  • Kitty ~ written 7 August 1943, about the imaginary girl Anne wrote to in her diary
  • Kathy ~ written 11 February 1944
  • Fear ~ written 25 March 1944
    Personal Reminiscences and Essays
  • Do You Remember? ~ written 7 July 1943
  • A Lecture in Biology ~ written 11 August 1943
  • A Geometry Lesson ~ written 12 August 1943

    Among these and others, Anne was also working on "Cady's Life", a novel which she never got to finish.